906 Paso

The commercial success of the 750 Paso led to the production of the 906 Paso in 1989.

On the outside, the 906 Paso differed from the 750 for the red and white colour combination instead of red and black.

The 906 Paso brochure.

The 906 Paso stayed in production for two years before being replaced by the 907 i.e.


Paso 906 was an evolution of the Paso 750, presented in 1989 and characterised by a 904 cc and 88 hp engine reaching 8,000 rpm and 220 km/h max speed; it was fitted with a water-cooled and a 6-speed transmission. The chassis, electrical system and fuelling system remained the same.

Most of the changes referred to the engine, based on the 4-valve 851 crankcase, but assembled on a 2-valve engine.


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