Mark 3

In 1967, Ducati commenced the production of the Mark 3 family. This model was to relaunch the Bolognese marque in the single-cylinder sports bike segment.

A milestone in the Mark3’s history is the introduction of the single-camshaft Desmodromic system evolved from the original Desmo developed for racing in 1956 on a road bike.

In addition to using the Desmodromic system, another first was the 350 cc engine. Towards the end of the Sixties, the Mark 3 was also offered with the 450 cc single-cylinder engine.

In 1967 Ducati puts the first road-going bike equipped with the Desmodromic system - the Mark 3 “D” - into the market.

The first Mark 3D models were available in the 250 and 350 cc displacements.

The 450 Mark 3D was put into the market nearly at the same time as the Scrambler 450.

The last evolution of the Ducati sports single was simply named Desmo. Available displacements were 250, 350 and 450 cc.


The Mark 3’s (250, 350 and 450) were born of the single-cylinder in “narrow casings”.
The first model, in particular, are considered enormously beautiful examples of Italian design and are sought after by collectors all over the world.

The Desmo model of 1971, recognizable by its singular metallic livery, represents the apex of accomplishment for sports single-cylinder roadbikes.


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