Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, father of the three Ducati brothers and co-founder of the company.

Adriano Ducati in 1924 during the short-wave radio transmission experiment.

The ACD radio equipment used by Adriano Ducati for the experiment in 1924.

Technical diagram of the radio transmission system designed by Adriano Ducati in 1924.

The rare book “Le Onde Corte” (Short waves) written by Adriano Ducati in 1927.

The “Manens” capacitor, first product manufactured by SSR Ducati in 1926.

Birth of a legend
In 1926 the Ducati family and other Bolognese investors founded the Società Radio Brevetti Ducati in Bologna.
Their aim was the production of industrial components for the growing field of radio transmissions, based on Adriano Ducati's patents.
The first product, the Manens condenser for radio equipment, rapidly followed by others, was extremely successful throughout the world, allowing the company to expand by leaps and bounds, and winning it the respect of the international industrial community.